Extensive use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) leading human into depression!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of computational tools that are able to substitute for human intelligence in doing certain tasks. Due to human errors, the human intelligence is somehow limited under extreme circumstances.  Fortunately, just like the human being can observe, learn and eventually perform tasks, through AI, specially designed equipment can be programmed to learn how to perform similar tasks on their own with minimum or no human intervention at all.

Artificial Intelligence

With the help of AI supported machines, common human errors can be eliminated and greater achievements made with minimal side effects to the policy consumers who of course are humans. That is why, as the world population expands rapidly, competition for common products and services increases and so does the number of conflicts. This ultimately precedes the global rush to develop a solution specific to fixing the emerging human challenges. These human challenges include:

  • Precision,
  • Reaction time
  • Ability to work non-stop while making no mistakes
  • Cost of production
  • Insertion into dangerous situations

While no direct connection between the use of AI and the possibility to cause depression in human beings has been made so far, continued use of this modern technology creates a crystal clear fear among humans; And this fear is mostly as a result of the possibility for humans to develop an AI based machine that so rapidly assimilates itself to the surroundings and tasks that it disobeys human intervention!

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Actual AI risks

What would happen if somehow, the AI machines learnt how to disobey human beings and could as well predict people’s next cause of action and rapidly respond to it before the slow humans act? What if the supper AI were developed by rogue terrorists who do not care how many people die provided they punish the innocent?

Figure 1 A robot soldier holding a man at gun point! What if the AI supported machines disobeyed their developers and went rogue?

Even as the humans continue researching every day to one day successfully address these possible AI setbacks, the man or woman trying to develop these control mechanisms could potentially start drifting into depression. Of course it is scary to imagine that the very robot you are developing to be as cognitive to the environment as a perfect human being should be, suddenly has become more intelligent and can rapidly process commands faster than yourself?

What if at one point, the robot chooses to see humans as inferior beings relative to its own ability? After all, the developer’s achievement of designing and programming it must have been in one way or another been with the dream of developing a super intelligent AI based machine. The fear of AI eventually relegating humans is simply real and potentially dangerous.

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Fears of a Super Intelligent AI machine are real

AI software operates on delicately and thoroughly developed algorithm. An algorithm is a set of commands carefully coded and programmed into an onboard chip that the robots will use as brains. To develop and manage these machines requires time and mental commitment that calls for total concentration. Working with AI is not just mentally exerting, it is also a possible reason to create social misfits out of the workers as they attempt to spend most of their time away from the public to concentrate more and develop a more workable algorithm.

Figure 2 A human brain, though highly sophisticated, may not sustain a competition against the brain of a super intelligent robot. We already cannot compete with a simple computer for simple calculations

Even as humans attempt to take charge of this AI development and control, global powers are on record declaring that Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier on which battles will be fought and won. This approach can easily trigger another race next to autonomous weapons’ deployment which would practically expose the innocent civilians to fear of annihilation. What if the enemy nations developed and programmed robots immune to any counter attacks?

Any researcher or employee working on developing a more superior machine that will, under whatever circumstances manage to subdue the “enemy” robot when desired, is indeed bound to slowly start drifting into depression. This could obviously be entertained by the fact that such employees simply may work too hard to outsmart their rivals. An extensive use or work on such AI projects will certain pave way for a possible depression to set in.

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