Latest Tech Gadgets 2020

As the technological revolution takes over the world, most people would wish to make the best out of their daily lives in spite of the freezing time frame. Therefore, everyday new advancements and gadgets have been developed to remedy the human short falls. Such gadgets include:

  • Handheld manual shredder
  • Touchscreen converter
  • Additional clip-on screens for laptops
  • Moleskin smart writing set
  • Doxie Go SE Portable Scanner

All these gadgets can easily be found online. The fact is, as the internet continues to digitally diminish the size of the globe, it has also revolutionized the way business is transacted world over.

  • Handheld manual shredder
Figure 1: A handheld manual shredder. It is convenient, portable and just as efficient.

Every day, people encounter sensitive documents whose security must be upheld at all times. Any leakage of such documents could pose a business, corporate or even individual risk to some individuals. This is how the hand held manual shredder comes in handy.

Shredding unwanted sensitive documents also helps prevent the now rampant identity thefts.  These shredders can be brought from several online stores including They are affordable and user friendly too.

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  • Touch Screen Converter

Most people run their companies and achieve corporate objectives through meetings. When one is expected to make a presentation, using a laptop is one such easy way of delivering a professional session that could promise closing a deal. Making back to back presentations can be fairly exerting. That is why using a laptop that has a touch screen capability could simply be the game changer. It could actually increase some one’s interaction with other members during sessions.

Figure 2: A touch screen converter that would touch your laptop into a more interactive and thus useful device during meetings and conferences

Such touchscreen converters are readily available online such as at and  at pocket friendly rates

  • Smart writing set

This is a smart notebook with which one can easily take notes and instantly share with the rest of team especially in the absence of laptop at the time. For any busy person with a keen eye to professionalism and organized work, this is the device such a person needs to stay ahead.

Figure 3: The Smart Writing set helps one still offer a professional document even when they were least prepared.

Companies like Moleskin have such great devices available and can be found at at a rate better than one would imagine.

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  • SE Portable scanner.

A portable smart scanner that can store up to thousands of pages before being transferred to say a laptop is indeed a game changer. With this device, one does not need to have a computer or even a laptop available before proceeding with scanning the needed documents. So, if one gets somewhat overwhelmed by office work, should there be need to get an extra hand to handle the offline document scanning tasks, this is the device to work with.

Figure 4: Portable SE scanner at work. Just scan and save thousands of documents for future retrieval. No need for a computer or laptop as you scan yet complete the tasks at hand.

Most of these scanners are versatile enough to scan documents as small as an ETR receipt and as big as an A4 size document. The device is not just affordable it is also readily available online at

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  • Additional clip-on screens for laptops

While making a brief presentation to a small group of people, especially when outdoor, this device will make one’s work easier, more professional and as a matter of fact entirely stress free. The device comes with clip-ons on either side to make a laptop screen three times bigger!

Figure 5: Additional clip-on laptop screen that just converts a simple screen into a giant screen for use by more than two people. This can come in handy especially during outdoor meetings and conferences where the team is small. It can actually be deployed in the absence any

The above listed tech gadgets are indeed among the many, available online at different but fairly affordable rates. So, if one is planning an outdoor conference, a meeting or even simply a less formal get together, these are some of the devices that can ensure one stays busy all the time but still maintain their professionalism in what they get to do.

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