Home Remedies to Remove Eye Bags Instantly

Periorbital puffiness or eye bags – whatever you want to call it, is enough to cause a lack of confidence in you. No matter how good you feel and look, eye bags just don’t match with your latest fashion trends.

You don’t want to go on in an interview with skills and lack confidence just because of these eye bags, do you? Do you want to go on a date with the handsome guy, you just met without the flair of the spark that attracted him to you in the first place?

These eye bags are pesky and could ruin your perfect day. But, not to worry this problem can be solved easily even without visiting a doctor.

Home remedies to remove eye bags instantly

Eye bags are the swelling that you can see around the eyes. Some unlucky people have eye bags in their youthful days. But, as you age eye bags become more prominent.


Several reasons contribute to the cause of eye bags. Some of them are-

  • Age
  • Sleep deficiency
  • Alcohol
  • Smoke
  • Food
  • Allergies
  • Accumulation of fluid

While there are many more causes that can be the reason for eye bags, you don’t need to worry too much. Medical attention or surgery is not required. This can be easily be solved by trying out some home remedies. You just need to have patience and voila! Eyebags are gone.

Here are some home remedies to remove eye bags instantly:

Sleep well

Sleep is a key factor in our life. Lack of sleep can make you cranky. What’s worse? They contribute to causing eye bags. Make sure to at least sleep for 8 hours a day. This will not only make you feel alive and fresh the next day but help you reduce those ugly eye bags.

Prevent allergies

Allergies can cause eye bags too. Try to prevent allergies by keeping away from allergens. These allergies not only risk your health but also cause eye bags. You can use antihistamines. Be sure to consult your doctor before ingesting any type of medicine.

Cool water and spoons

Coldwater solves this problem almost magically. Use cold water to wash your face properly. Soak a soft cloth in water and press them against your eyes for some time. Make sure that the cloth is clean and you don’t apply much pressure, as the eye is extremely sensitive. Keep the wet cloth for a few minutes and try this every day.

Bet you did not know that spoons could be this useful, did you? Well, spoons can now contribute to making you look better. Ice your spoons well before using it. Place this cold spoon on your eye and keep them for some time. Try doing this while sitting as gravity plays a major role in making the fluids go south. Try this, as many times you want in a day.

Dietary changes

Make some changes in your food routine. Looking good demands sacrifice. Cut down on munching the salty food as well as carbs. Make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Vitamin A, C, E

Not all of us are fans of vegetables and fruits. But, sometimes we don’t have a choice, do we? Ingest foods that are rich in Vitamin A, C and E. These foods help to reduce the puffiness under your eyes apart from making your body healthy.


The use and benefits of tea are high and wide. Use tea bags to reduce eye bags. All you need to do is soak two eye bags in warm water. After some time, pull them out. Make sure that they are not too hot before applying to your eyes. Try this method as many times in a day and soon you will see the eye bags disappearing drastically.


Cucumbers serve a variety of purposes. Apart from being used in a salad, they are also used to treat eye bags. Cut slices of the cucumber as you would do for a salad. Keep them in the refrigerator. After making sure they are cold, take them out. Place them on your eyes and just lie down and relax. Do this for some time. This will relax you and cause a cooling sensation to envelop your body. 

Remove makeup

When it comes to collecting makeup, girls are never going to stop acquiring them. While makeup does make you look your best self, you must remove those before sleeping. Overnight accumulation of makeup could cause a variety of issues ranging from eye bags to skin rashes. Look good, feel good and make sure to remove makeup before sleeping!


Tomatoes are extremely nutritious and keep you healthy. Apart from being them high on the nutrient radar, they can also be used to remove eye bags. Mix tomato juice with lemon juice in equal proportions. Shake it gently. Use some cotton to apply this mixture under your eyes. After leaving them on for 10-15 minutes, wash it off with Luke warm water. Try this once or twice a day and see some amazing results!

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Orange juice

The Vitamin C present in orange does wonder for your body. Mix some orange juice and milk in equal proportions. Soak some cotton with this mixture. Then, place it under your eyes and keep it for a few minutes. After that, rinse with cool water and wash it off. You will see the effects it has on your eye bags after a few days.

Way to Sleep

The way you sleep is just as important as the hours you sleep. Make sure that you sleep while keeping your head elevated. Try lying on your back as much as possible. This will help you to counter those annoying eye bags.


These are just some of the tips that you can apply when you are free or relaxing at home. These don’t take much time and can be done without any special preparations. Try these home remedies and see your eye bags vanishing!

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